Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. We at the Condemned staff Team, Hope you have a happy Christmas. to celebrate Christmas we have decorated spawn with Christmas themed items such as Christmas tree and candy canes. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

-The Condemned Staff

[Member] AnitaDrink Anyone have a magnifying glass?

No Staff November

Staff will be taking a break this month! The player base will need to help itself overcome any problems they might find. However, This does not mean that it is ok to break rules. You are free to still ask the ex-staff for help as they still have lots of experience but they will not be able to help with anything more than a regular user. 

Thanks for the break,

-The Condemned Staff Team

Halloween Events

Friday Oct 27 - Tuesday Oct 31

Halloween World

  • Haunted Houses
  • Hay Maze with special prize
  • Trick or Treat Area
  • Scary Rollercoaster
  • Halloween Boat Ride
  • Parkour
  • Halloween Firework Show
  • Special Halloween Vote Crates
  • Wear a Halloween Skin or Masks!  

[Member] Catalin504 When the event starts i will be on school vacantion

Pigskin Pick'em - Select the winner of each NFL game throughout the 17-week season by picking either straight-up, against the point spread, or by confidence ranking your straight-up picks. The most correct picks over the course of the season CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Eliminator Challenge - Every week you're asked to pick the winner of one NFL game straight up. If the team you choose prevails then you advance! The only caveat? You can only use a team once during the season.

Prizes will be given in game for each weeks winner!

[Owner] rush0313 First game blood bath for the eliminator group!
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