Halloween Events

Friday Oct 27 - Tuesday Oct 31

Halloween World

  • Haunted Houses
  • Hay Maze with special prize
  • Trick or Treat Area
  • Scary Rollercoaster
  • Halloween Boat Ride
  • Parkour
  • Halloween Firework Show
  • Special Halloween Vote Crates
  • Wear a Halloween Skin or Masks!  

[Member] Catalin504 When the event starts i will be on school vacantion

Pigskin Pick'em - Select the winner of each NFL game throughout the 17-week season by picking either straight-up, against the point spread, or by confidence ranking your straight-up picks. The most correct picks over the course of the season CLICK HERE TO JOIN

Eliminator Challenge - Every week you're asked to pick the winner of one NFL game straight up. If the team you choose prevails then you advance! The only caveat? You can only use a team once during the season.

Prizes will be given in game for each weeks winner!

[Member] rush0313 First game blood bath for the eliminator group!
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