[Member] NoaAS I hate my life i cant get on the server
[Member] kiddsmurf Once im able to get on the server i shall be able to help you some lumy cuz i need a wifi adapter on my desktop pc

Greetings Condemned Players!

The time has come for us to do a full reset of the Tekkit PVE server. The staff has been busy setting up a fresh PVE server with some new features. We want to give our users notice about this change so you can take photos or video to remember your builds. The existing server will move to our creative server port so you can keep working on your builds. We are a free server and will continue to be a free server. We understand that a server reset will be a big change for a lot of our users but we believe it's for the best.    

New Changes:

  • New Spawn - Easy to find portals to the End/Nether and Games, Vote Crates, Player Ranks
  • New Rank Kits - Kits are renewed 
  • Special Reset Kit- Sign up with Enjin and link your Minecraft account ← POST HERE
  • New Vote Crates - New prizes for Vote Parties
  • Game World
    • Mob Arenas
    • One In The Chamber
    • Horse Race
    • Capture The Flag
  • New Auto Rank - Updated tasks and Playtime requirements
  • LumyTools - For a safer faster server
  • ShopSign - A new easy way to create computer craft signs for your shop
  • New Server Shops - New player shops (June 1st) 3 shop sizes for your budget needs

Forum Changes

  • Voting System - Rank up on the forums by giving and reciving Like, Agree, and Funny ratings on your posts

Special Events on opening weekend! Extra Vote Parties, Drop Parties, Fireworks and more!!!

The new server will open on Friday, May 12, 2017, at 6 pm EST

Thank you for supporting The Condemned!

Owner Rush0313  Developer Lumy79  Operator AnitaDrink
Head Admins Its_Wilber_Mate, WillAndPrime, LimeLava222

[Owner] rush0313 o Here
[Member] Enerxy Where do we sign up for the reset kit?
The Condemned 

About this community?

We are a great community where we love building amazing things and have a great time doing so.  We have been up and running for about a year now.  The owner runs this server on his own dedicated server and therefore there are no server costs, which in turn allows us to not take donations.  We thrive on being a great community that won't accept donations for any reason.  We want this to be a fun enviroment where anyone can play as long as they follow the rules! 

Want to become part of this great community of staff, you first must obtain the rank of Emerald in-game.  This allows us to get to know you as a player and shows you are dedicated to this community.  

Thank you for taking the time to sign up on the forums so we can hear your opinions and suggestions.  We hope you have a fantastic time here at The Condemned.

Tekkit Server IP:

Teamspeak Server IP:

You can vote and get in game moneys, rewards and cool extra stuff!
There are also lucky and special rewards!!!
Vote us on these sites:
Follow the instructions on each link and make sure to type your Minecraft name EXACTLY (case sensitive)
Thank you to support us!
Enjoy! ;)

To register your Minecraft Character please follow the following instructions:

1.  Click your name in the top right hand corner.

2.  Click your name above "Log Out"

3.  Click "add a character" on the right hand side of the profile page you will need to scroll down a little.

4.  Load VANILLA Minecraft (not modded or Tekkit) 

5.  Click "Direct Connect"  enter and click connect.

6.  Get the code on the screen once it kicks you and enter into the box.

7.  Presto! You have successfully registered your account on the forums.

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